Monthly Archives: September 2012

Why Vegan?

I guess everyone that has gone vegan can pin point what influenced their decision.  I suppose that my decision was driven by many things.  The biggest was that I was over weight and looking for a long term solution.  I had tried every diet under the sun; low carbohydrate, the Atkins Diet, counting calories, starvation, you name it, I tried it.  I would stick with it a few days and then it would be back to the crap food again.  My weight had steadily risen.  I don’t think I was obese, but I definitely was heavy.   My cholesterol was high and so was my blood pressure.  Of course the doctor just wanted to write a prescription but I have never been a fan of prescription drugs.  I told the doctor that I would be back in six months and we could do the blood work again and see if I still needed the prescription.  My plan was to loose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  That was about ten months ago.  The first six months I did the usual array of diet, pig out, and diet some more.  ZERO weight lose and still feeling like crap.

So July 4th rolls around and I stuffed my body again with tons of BBQ.  It was a holiday so when I got home I downloaded a book from Amazon.  Not sure why I even picked this title, not sure why I even landed in the section of books.  But I picked Ultra Man by Rich Roll.  That book spoke to me in more ways than I could ever imagine.  WOW, my life changed that day. Most of all my mind set changed that day.

I have been eating a plant based diet ever since and I have made walking & running part of my daily life.

Life is a changing.