Monthly Archives: July 2013

Being Vegan

Being vegan used to mean that you would spend half your life checking product labels and travelling miles to find a health-food shop that sold products suitable for you. Even finding a reasonable selection of vegan chocolate was a major hassle, nevermind trying to buy something more unusual like vegan lipbalm or vegan face paint. Well, not so nowadays! Thankfully, the advent of the internet and online shopping has changed everything as there are now a wide selection of online shops that specialise in selling products exclusively suitable for vegans. No longer do you have to make do with a limited selection of vegan products tucked away in the corner of your local health food store. Far from it. Whilst some of these online vegan retailers specialise in certain things, for example vegan confectionery or vegan bodycare products, others sell a much wider range of products altogether. Indeed, some of the exclusively vegan online shops have a range to rival a small supermarket. For example, one such online shop based in the UK, shop vegan, sells everything from vegan vitamins, vegan face paints, clothing, vegan condoms, vegan chocolate, pet treats through to cruelty-free bodycare products such as shower gel, eye cream, deodorant, moisturiser, hand cream and lipbalm. As you can see, in terms of offering a wider choice for cruelty-free shopping and making life easier for those who wish to avoid using animal derived products and ingredients, the Internet has really opened up a whole new world. Some might even point to the advent of convenient online shopping for vegan products as yet another reason why veganism is on the increase, and they might be right. After all, when shopping for animal-free products is this easy it’s it’s certainly only going to encourage more people to shop in this way and to choose a more compassionate and healthier lifestyle.