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Costco Healthy Living with Diabetes – A Nice Little Magazine!

Costco Pharmacy has a great new diabetes magazine called Costco Healthy Living with Diabetes, online at cdiabetes.com. It has several helpful articles on diabetes care, as well as recipes and nutrition tips. Cdiabetes.com also has daily diabetes news briefs, and blogs by diabetes experts. A few articles in cdiabetes may be of particular interest. An important current debate is addressed in the article,” Are Diet Drinks a Safe Alternative to Soda?” There is no clear cut answer, but it’s important for people with diabetes to know their options. The article “Processed Foods & Type 2 Diabetes” is also very timely, since processed foods are all around us and we have to keep in mind that even though their ease of use makes them tempting, it’s worth the extra effort to find non-processed choices. In addition, “New guidelines for cholesterol levels: should you be taking a statin?” is an updated look at one of the most popular medicines for people with heart health issues, whether or not they have diabetes. Statins are a great tool for many people, but they aren’t for everyone. Speak to your healthcare provider to make good choices about your health.