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Why you Should Introduce Super Foods into your Diet

We have all heard the buzz about so called super foods. The hype is most certainly
deserved in many cases. These are foods which have unusually high levels of vitamins
and other nutritional benefits. In some cases they can help with specific diseases and
other conditions.

Turmeric health benefits are particularly impressive. This is a spice most commonly found
in Indian cuisine. It is said to help with a long list of health issues from cancer to arthritis. It
is most famously known as a powerful anti-inflammatory which can help with hives and
possibly inflammation of the liver. It is best not to consume it raw however. In order to have
it absorb into the blood stream it is advisable to boil the power (or root) for 10 minutes.
Adding oil and pepper can also help with absorption.

One of the most healthy vegetables are beets. This root crop is jam packed with nutrients
and is easily incorporated into salads. It is also the ideal item to use if you prefer juicing
vegetables. Celery is another particularly healthy vegetable which is one of the few foods
that actually makes you loose weight as you eat it.

When it comes to fruits acai berries have been big on health circuits for a good few years
now. This exotic berry is packed with antioxidant properties and is a massive seller. Be
careful when buying canned acai juices though, as they are often made with the less
potent powder and may contain artificial sweeteners.

If you are a fan of smoothies then two things you should include are kale and chia seeds.
Kale is in the cabbage family and is an awesome addition to a fruit smoothie. Chia seeds
are easily added to smoothies, they can be ground down in many blenders before the fruit
is added. Flax seeds are another similar super food which can easily be sneaked in to
smoothies and other dishes.

For snacks the first option is almonds. This is an ideal snack food as it slow-releases
energy. If you feel tired at all during your day, just snack on a few almonds and you will
soon feel better. They also contain large amounts of Vitamin E and manganese. Yogurt is
a fantastic snack food which can also be used for desserts. Never buy sweetened yogurt
as that contains masses of sugar. Instead add the far healthier option of honey (which
itself is a super food in many people’s eyes). Then sprinkle over fruit like cherries,
blueberries and thinly sliced almonds.

You can find more information at Top 10 Super Foods.

Vitamix Turboblend VS in Action

The Vitamix Turboblend VS in action. It’s currently “liquifying” a mango, beet, kale, and a banana with almond milk. What a pretty pink smoothie!
The smoothie ingredients:
Almond milk

Smoothie Ingredients

The Smoothie Ingredients


The finished smoothie after being mixed in the Vitamix

pink smoothie

Perfectly Pink & Delicious Smoothie!

Why is it that some smoothies taste way good and other days they are just tolerable?

I start every morning with a smoothie.  It’s a simple routine that gets me off to a good start.  I think I even look forward to it.

I usually gather some things from our little garden.  Lately it’s been kale, asparagus, and mustard greens.  I generally start with 1 cup of almond milk.  Just the plain kind no flavors.  Then I add one banana.  I will usually pick what ever the most ripe fruit is that I happen to have on hand.  My favorite is peaches.  Then I add two or three leaves of kale and an asparagus spear or two.  The cold portion is either ice cubes or frozen mango chunks.  I also add a table spoon of either hemp or chia seeds.  I give it a good whirl in the vita mix.  Some days the concoction is like heave on earth, like today’s smoothie! But other days, well lets say it’s either a little too green or and little less sweet. Still drinkable, but not quite as good tasting as I had wished for.

I suppose the secret is the ripeness of the fruit.

Here my basic smoothie recipe:

1 cup almond milk
1 Banana
1 Peach
2-3 Kale Leaves
1-2 Asparagus spears
1-Cup ice or frozen fruit

Can you guess?  Today was a Way Good Smoothie Day!