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Vegan Art

Calling all Vegans! I have something extra special for you today. Check out this Vegan Art Collection by Robert Sheppard. Wow, just take a look at this amazing assortment of artwork from Vegan Artists around the world. Talk about statement pieces. These are just that and much more. What better way to open the minds of those around you than by Vegan Art.

Sheppard Collection of Vegan Art

The Sheppard Collection of Vegan Art

Looking for something colorful and beautifully thought provoking? The Celestial series by Aaron Wright is sure to take your breath away.

Want something that really makes a statement about the atrocities that occur with animals? Then Amanda Moeckel is the artist for you.

Just interested in the beauty of nature around you? Artist Marcus Pierno delivers gorgeous art!

What an interesting, beautiful, and unusual art collection. It challenges our treatment of animals and celebrates them.

Robert Sheppard says, “I think art is an important medium for expressing ideas and making people think. I hope this collection will prompt discussion and help spread ethical ideas.”

There is much more to see!  To view the entire Robert Sheppard collection click here:  Vegan Art