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Indie Polish-Retailing Unique Vegan, Five Free, Handmade Nail Polish

The ever increasing popularity of the fad of veganism has given birth to the concept of the Vegan Nail Polish created by hand from scratch by Indie Polish, in various colors, styles and textures

USA (July 7, 2014): Among the many modern trends that have been spreading like wildfire all over the world is that of veganism which involves the non-consumption of animals and anything derived from them. In order to cater to the growing demand of vegan nail polishes, Indie Polish was founded. The company sells handmade Vegan Nail Polish which intends to please animal lovers as well as those who cannot tolerate any kind of animal fat due to religious issues.

The innovative company that has been in the business of producing such nail paints since two years now has a limited period offer going on for visitors to their website, Myindiepolish.com. The company is offering free shipping on all orders over $75 to anywhere in the world. Within a short span of two years, Indie Polish has recorded 1,250 sales and has received more than 300 5 star reviews on Etsy. There a number of varied kinds of nail polish sets, nail art and nail embellishments available at Indie Polish.

“I have always been against mainstream, commercially produced cosmetic products as they use animals to test on or as ingredients of these items. Being a strict vegan I had no option of using nail polish till now but thanks to the wide range available at Indie Polish, I am enjoying this new found love for nail polishes!” states Mary Richards.

Indie Polish is a Vegan Handmade Nail Polish company founded by a mother so that she could be a stay at home mom and take care of her autistic son. She always wanted to do something associated with her passion for nail polishes as she had been fond of using them since childhood. It took her a year to establish this firm as being a mom of a special needs son; she had to think about her ways of income so as to give more time to him. She also owns another shop that sells candles, bath and body products. She decided to launch Indie Polish after a friend suggested her the concept of creating nail polishes by hand and selling them.

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